Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Magnets and Muzak!

Our prototype has changed so much!  That's probably a good sign, because it was pretty rubbish a week ago.

We now have different types of magnets; positive, negative and a mix type.  You can only pull yourself towards a positively charged magnet, and repel from a negatively charged magnet.  Also we have a revised targeting system.  To unlock from a magnet, one must only aim at a new magnet in the area with the targeting thumbstick.  This makes the controls more fluid and less intrusive.  Also the way that the targeting arrow changes position has been smoothed.  Overall the game is still fun to play, and adding more puzzles and challenges only make it more so!

I have also been busy on prototype music.  A sample of my first work can be heard here:

Thanks for tuning in!

1 comment:

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